Pringles Snack Smoked BBQ 107g (12 Units Per Carton)

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Last update: Jul 29, 2020

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Fancy something tangy or craving for some snacks? Pringles Smoked BBQ 107g may be all that you need! Each chip has a unique curve shape and is evenly seasoned. Moreover, these chips will not give you a greasy feeling on your fingers and mouth. However, once you pop open the cap of the Pringles Smoked BBQ 107g, the munch fun can hardly stop!


The perfect combination of smoked BBQ and potato is simply splendid. Every single chip in the Pringles Smoked BBQ 107g is bursting with a distinct smoky BBQ flavor, and with its crispness and crunchiness, it will make you munch non-stop!


Pringles Smoked BBQ 107g made with 42% of freshly cut potato, with the remainder being wheat starch and flour combined with vegetable oils. Furthermore, it is also free of artificial colours. Pringles Smoked BBQ 107g is an ideal snack option for vegetarians as it does not contain animal-derived ingredients.


Pringles Smoked BBQ 107g is one of the best options when it comes to choosing between the many flavours of Pringles. Moreover, Pringles comes with a re-sealable container, which you can keep your leftover chips without worrying about the chips turning soggy in awhile! Pringles Smoked BBQ is perfect for those who love to share their chips with friends or family! If you want something to munch on during your movie night, try Pringles Smoked BBQ!


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