Nestle Crunch Wafer - Chocolate (10 Packs x 17g)

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Nestle Crunch Wafer - Chocolate (10 Packs x 17g)

Nestlé Crunch Wafer, Crunchiest Wafer in Malaysia! Wafer Coated with Chocolate Flavoured Confectionery / Wafer Bersalut Konfeksi Perisa Coklat


Nestlé Crunch Wafer is made from the crunchiest wafer with delicious chocolate coating!

Creamy, crispy, NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® - A unique combination of smooth Nestlé milk chocolate and crisped rice. NESTLÉ CRUNCH delivers a distinctive taste, texture and sound. When you gotta have chocolate, IT'S CRUNCH TIME!

NESTLÉ CRUNCH is available in smaller “fun” or miniature sizes. These individually wrapped, bite-sized snacks offer the same great taste as the regular products, but in portion-controlled pieces with fewer calories.








































Nutrition Information Per 100g Per Serving (17g)
Energy/Tenaga 50g kcal 90 kcal
Fat / Lemak 25.5 g 4.3 g
Protein 5.2 g 0.9 g
Carbohydrate / Karbohidrat 64.0 g 10.9 g
Total Sugar / Jumlah Sugar 45.5 g 7.7 g
Sodium / Natrium 68 mg 12 mg







































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