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100 Plus Berry 500ml (24 Units Per Carton)
100 Plus
100 Plus Berry 500ml (24 Units Per Carton)
Last update: Jun 13, 2022
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Product Description Specification

100 Plus Berry 500ml x 24 PET Bottle

The 100 Plus Berry is enriched with a mix of berry flavours which is not only refreshing but also detoxifying. It also helps the body to recover back to its normal temperature after a long physical training. It helps to replenish the lost fluids, electrolytes and energy from your body. Reward your active lifestyle with optimum hydration with 100 Plus Berry isotonic drink.

Besides, 100 Plus Berry contains essential vitamins that your body needs. Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 are known for their immunity strengthening benefits. With a new formula with lower sugar content, 100 Plus Berry ought to be a healthier beverage alternative among consumers who are not only active in sports, but also living an active lifestyle.

Committed to offer its consumers only the best, the reformulation process to reduce the sugar content in 100 Plus Berry was a complex process because the brand wanted to make certain that the right balance of taste and flavours favoured by its consumers was retained.

100 Plus was launched in Malaysian in 1983 and has since became a popular beverage brand favouredby many Asian customers.

100 Plus Berry flavoured isotonic drink

500ml bottle

Carton of 24

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