Knorr Oyster Sauce 1 kg (2 Units Per Outer)

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Brand: Knorr

Last update: Mar 25, 2020

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MYR 24.63

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Great for stir-fry with chicken, beef and seafood

Contain real extract of oyster, cod fish and squid
Balance sweet-salty taste and harmoniously blend with stir-fry with protein
Suitable for local dishes


Water, sugar, salt, modified food starch, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), hydrolyzed vegetable protein, food color (caramel paste), Oyster extract (contains oyster, crustaceans, mollucs and fish), food acid (lactic acid), flavour enhancer (ribonucleotide), preservative (sodium benzoate)

Allergen Information

All food additives are of animal, plant, and synthetic origin. May contain traces of celery and sulphite

305 x 226 x 203

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