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Benefits of Bentong Ginger Powder

  1. Combats Stomach Discomfort
  2. Cold and Flu Prevention
  3. Maintains Normal Blood Circulation
  4. Remedies for the Nausea associated Motion Sickness
  5. Improves Absorbtion and Stimulation of essential Nutrients in the body
  6. Strengthens the Immune System
  7. Fights common Respiratory Problems
  8. Combats Morning Sickness
  9. Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Usage of Bentong Ginger Powder

1. Ginger Tea

- Add a teaspoon (around 3g) into a cup of warm water.

- Add in Honey as desired.
- Add with your daily coffee/tea
- Stir well and ready to serve.

2. Cooking

- Can be added into vegetables or soup boiling.

3. Feet Soak 
- Prepare a pail of warm water 
- Add 5 tea spoon 
- soak your feet for 15 minutes to detox your body 


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