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Lobo (Globo) Tom Yum Paste [Halal] (30g x 24 packets)
Lobo (Globo) Tom Yum Paste [Halal] (30g x 24 packets)
Last update: Feb 09, 2021
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Product Description Specification

Globo Food Ltd., the brand owner and the manufacturer of Lobo products, would like to inform that we registered Lobo trademark for Thailand and overseas countries and “Globo” trademark for Malaysia.


Shrimp Tom Yum or Tom Yum Goong must be one of the best known Thai dishes abroad. It's a subtle blend of hot and sour with citrus overtones derived from lime juice and kaffir lime peel. Be careful not to overcook shrimps as they will become tough very easily.

Rank: Top 3 Lobo product in Thailand
Halal: Yes
Thai Select: Yes (Is the certification from Ministry of Commerce identifying the authenticity of Thai cuisine)
No Preservatives Added
No Artificial Colours Added
Serving: 2 serving

Recipe: Shrimp Tom Yum
*Submerge the packet n hot water for 1 minute. Cut open, the paste will come out easily.
1. Boil 2 cups (480ml) water.
2. Add the contents of this packet in boiling water.
3. Add 200g deveined shrimp and 100g mushroom.
4. Add fish sauce or salt and lime juice to taste.

Ingredients: Salt 25%, Sugar 21%, Palm Kernel Oil 19%, Lemongrass 9.5%, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate) 4.9%, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid) 4.2%, Chilli Powder 3.5%, Tamarind Paste 3.5%, Shallot 3.5%, Garlic 3.5%, Galangal 2%, Lime Juice 0.4%.


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