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Cocoa Coated Wafer With Cocoa Cream

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Brand: Solen

Last update: Dec 05, 2019

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VIP Cocoa
Give yourself the VIP treatment as only you deserve with VIP. A subtle wafer surrounds
a filling of rich cocoa cream that melts in your mouth along with the cocoa-chocolate
coating. Blissfully, you’ll forget about your cares and enjoy the sensations that only
divine intervention through chocolate can bring. The gentle texture and opulent flavors
take treating yourself to the next level for an indulgence so sublime, you’ll truly feel like
a celebrity. Ideal for anyone that loves chocolate, make it your next sweet treat!
- Delicate wafer filled with richly sweet cocoa-chocolate cream
- Mouth-melting texture
- Indulgent cocoa-chocolate coating
- Top-tier treat for your snack-time pleasures!



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