Crispy Shrimp Cheek - Original Flavor (100gm/pkt)

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Brand: Har Cheek

Last update: Sep 28, 2019

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Move Over Salted Egg Chips & Fish Skin! We have something that is going to be the next BIG HYPE! It's Healthier, Tastier & It can be MORE than just a snack! 

一个将会比咸蛋薯片和酥脆鱼皮更夯的零食即将轰炸马来西亚市场, 它更健康!它更好吃!而且它并不只是个零食那么简单!

It's (它是):
-A New Trend (新趋势)
-High Quality (高品质)
-High in Nutrient (高营养价值)
-Convenient (方便)
-Consistent in Quality (品质一致)

It can be used as (它可用于):
-Sides (伴食)
-Toppings (配料)
-Add ons (添加菜)

It can pair with (它可与以下作配):
-Other Snacks (其他零食) 
-Finger Food (小吃)
-Sharing Platters (拼盘)
-Appetizers/Starters (开胃菜/前菜)
-Main Courses (主食) 

Business benefits (商业益处):
-Marketing Tool (营销推动)
-New Product (新产品)
-Value Added (附加价值)
-Menu Enhancer (增强菜单)
-Increase Sales (提高销量)

We would like to work with: 
-Bar, Pub, Club, Bistro, Lounge 
-Restaurant, Cafe, Kiosk
-F&B Chains / Franchise
-Food Delivery / Catering
-Food Truck
-Retail Outlets
-Supplier / Distributor
-Event / Party Organiser
-Snack Manufacturer (OEM)
-E-commerce / Marketplace

-High Calcium (高钙)
-No Preservative Added (无添防腐剂)
-Produced with Rice Bran Oil (用米糠油生产)
*Zero Trans Fat, Contained Vitamin E & Antioxidant 

Food Safety (食品安全):
-ISO 9001:2008
-ISO 17025
-BRC Issue 7
-IFS Version 6

Allergens (过敏源):
-Shrimp (虾)
-Wheat (小麦)
-Soy Bean (大豆)

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