OV Nutrition- InnOsent Bars Choco Almond 2*12 boxes (210g each)

Crunchy Granola Bar All-Day Energy

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Brand: InnOsent

Last update: Aug 06, 2019

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Chewy with a crunch

Box of 6 Bars 210g(6×35)

All-day Breakfast All-day Energy Healthy Snack Granola Bars

Ingredients: almond pieces, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, oats, whole grain cereals

Why InnOsent? ⁣⁣⁣
Well, InnOsent because our granola bars taste heavenly, that is another way to say that they are delicious. But also because of InnOsent ingredients we have used, all of them 100% Natural, no artificial flavors or colors added, no trans fats added that means that your body will thank you for eating these bars.⁣⁣⁣
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Our Bars Value:

-Source of fiber

-100% natural

-100% healthy

-100% vegetarian

-100% tasty

-0% cholesterol

-0% trans fats

-0% artificial colors or flavors

-0% food preservatives

Produced with love in a facility under EU Standards Regulations.

Food Safety Standards of Production:



-ISO 9001: 2008


-SA 8001:2008


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