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WHD Baby Diapers Pants Size XL 300pcs 1 bundle ( BP B0011)
WHD Baby Diapers Pants Size XL 300pcs 1 bundle ( BP B0011)
Last update: Jan 18, 2021
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WHD ™ Baby Diapers Pants are Grade B diapers pants imported by WHD ™. Some of these WHD ™ Baby Diapers pants are well known, especially branded diapers abroad.

 WHD ™ Baby Diapers Pants are repackaged by WHD ™ to ensure the quality is suitable for the baby. And also WHD ™ ensure the grade B products we market satisfy our customers' customers.

This material is a clothlike type. SAP from Japan and It absorbs up to 4 times. WHD ™ These Baby Diapers Pants are able to absorb up to 4-5 hours and they have a leak guard that prevents leakage from the edges.

WHD ™ These Baby Diapers Pants have sizes M to XXL. And cutting / cut size as shown in the picture. WHD ™ These Baby Diapers Pants are very comfortable and they have a relatively flexible strap.

Difference Between Grade B And Grade C.

Grade B defect QC and can be categorized only 0.5% defect. And there are factories making these grade B diapers to attract customers by reducing the price. That is why this grade B has a lot of quality.

For Grade C defect must be from QC, especially in terms of stitching, tidiness, untidy pattern, sometimes printing and sewing machine errors. The rubber ran away a bit as the new machine started to change size at that time. Defect of every bag is definitely there and we try to maximize the defect.

Remember we are not a factory, we are an importer only. All defects we accept because we buy wholesale all one container. Our job is to choose to be Grade B and Grade C.

P / S: There may be some defects but these pampers can still be used. And we make sure our customers are satisfied. Our intention is to help customers to save. We want the best for our customers.

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