FERRERO Mini Hanuta T19 (12 Packets x 200 g) (12 Units Per Carton)

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Brand: Ferrero Rocher

Last update: Sep 18, 2020

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Ferrero Mini Hanuta T19 (11 Packets x 200 g)


  • Ferrero's popular Hanuta cookies - better known as a Hazelnut Sandwich in the Mini-Size.
  • A thick layer of rich, luscious hazelnut chocolate with bits of hazelnut throughout, sandwiched between two crisp, chocolate wafers.
  • An ideal format easy to carry around.
  • The rich chocolate leans closer to a dark chocolate, rather than a milk chocolate.
  • Each bag contains approximately 18 pieces.
  • Keep cool and dry.


For people looking for something that can satisfy your many confectionery craving all at once, try Hanuta. It has been described as a 'hazelnut chocolate wafer sandwich', which is a delightful fusion of chocolate and hazelnuts sandwiched between two crispy wafers, giving you your perfect bite. Wrapped in luxurious gold foil, it might be reminiscent of its Italian cousin, Ferrero Rocher, but it definitely has its own unique charm as a more filling snack of a different texture and taste. It may not be as sweet as Ferrero Rocher, but calling out to dark chocolate fans, Hanuta has a slight dark chocolate aftertaste that lingers on the palette, if the fear of an overly-sweetened chocolate wafer has been deterring you from trying this delightful snack.


Do you know the feeling when you try certain wafer brands and the moment you put it in your mouth, you know it's a cheaper, drier and less exquisite one? This one we have on hand is on a different league as those, with its light golden brown exterior and creamy hazelnut chocolate filling which is denser in texture to suit its thinner exterior of a crispy wafer, coupled with the abundance of crunchy hazelnut bits in the filling -- drives the texture score home. One peeve, though, is that the wafer still chips off and makes a mess on the work desk. 


Other details:

  • Made in Germany
  • No artificial colours or preservatives

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