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Tunisian Deglet Noor Dates (12 X 1kg)
Tunisian Deglet Noor Dates (12 X 1kg)
Last update: Sep 24, 2020
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 Dates are the fruit derived from date palm tree which is grown in various tropical regions of the world. It has gained much popularity in recent years. In Western countries, all dates sold are dried. A wrinkled skin signifies it has been dried and smooth skin signifies the freshness. Fresh dates are small and ranges in color from bright red to bright to bright yellow. Dates are chewy and possess a sweet flavor.Delget Nour also known as Royal Dates and commonly referred as queen of all dates, the reliable Algerian Delget Nour has a transclucent light color, soft touch and soft honey like taste. It is well-known in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and United States where it is found in inland oases and is a chief export cultivar. Tunisia is a leading producer of Delget Nour dates which shares 48% of the world’s market and Algeria with 20 percent. These two are the main suppliers to European Union.

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