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Fresh Durian D197 Musang King Paste (Frozen) 2kg
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Fresh Durian D197 Musang King Paste (Frozen) 2kg
Last update: Sep 18, 2020
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Product Description Specification

Durian Musang King paste is one of the high demand ingredients in the market for durian pizza, durian mochi, durian crepe, durian cream puffs and many more food products.


We select the freshest and best quality durian based on our experience and then manually open the durian for processing into durian paste.


Durian Musang King flesh is then separated from seed and then spread over on a light glass table for manual cleaning.
This process is done inside a cold temperature room and quickly to maintain the freshness and taste of the durian.
The durian paste is immediately filled into vacuumed packaging and frozen at -18 Celcius degree lock the flavors and freshness.


Each packaging is weighted 2 kilograms. 
No additives or preservatives were added, 100% durian flesh only in its purest and natural form. 
Each batch of durian paste has an expiry date of 18 months with proper handling without thawing the paste.



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