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Biodegradable and Compostable 5' Bowl (50 Units Per Outer)

With SIRIM Eco-Label Certification. Plant Based, 100% Organic, Made of Sugarcane Bagasse

by Asia Biocom Technology SKU 3089_cceK10ue

Brand: JAMA

Last update: Mar 25, 2020

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With SIRIM Eco-Label Certification. 100% Organic, Plant Based. Made of Sugarcane Bagasse.
Oil and Water Resistant. Can be Microwaved (Hot 140'C). Can be Freezed (Cold -5'C). Harmless if consumed by animals. Once this product decomposes, it will be fertilisers for flora and fauna. It is compostable, good for the environment.
This product has won many awards and certfications such as US-FDA, BPI, TUV, SGS, My Hijau and many more for its consumer safety, carbon footprints and its impact on the environment.

Dengan Sijil SIRIM Eco-Label. 100% Organik, Berasaskan Tumbuhan. Diperbuat Daripada Hampas Tebu.
Tahan air dan minyak. Boleh diletak di dalam ketuhar gelombang mikro (sehingga 140'C). Boleh dibeku (sehingga -5'C). Tiada bahaya jika dimakan oleh haiwan. Apabila produk ini terurai, ia akan menjadi baja untuk flora dan fauna. Produk ini boleh biodegradasi, baik untuk sekitar alam.

耐油和耐水。可以微波 (高达140‘C);可以冷冻(高达 -5’C)。 如果被动物食用则无害。 该产品一旦分解,将成为动植物的肥料。可成为堆肥废物,对环境有益。

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