Hareem Al Sultan Oud Perfume 100ml For Women

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Brand: Ard Al Zaafaran

Last update: Aug 06, 2019

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Hareem Al Sultan by Ard Al Zaafaran is a very Exclusive and famous Eau De Perfume Spray. Hareem Al Sultan by Ard Al Zafaran is a feminine woody fragrance. It is packed in a beautiful elegant bottle and a beautiful outer box.

The aroma calms if dissolves in the skin, causing a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Delicate and discreet aroma for calm, measured everyday shy and modest person. It comes in a nice round shape bottle with curves which could be an ideal gift perfect for all events.Fragrance Notes: Fresh, unique argarwood with an Oud fragrance, rose, lavender, musk, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Fragrance Family: Oriental
Fragrance Type: Halal Attar / Eau de Parfum
Manufacture: Ard Al Zaafaran
Gender: Females
Country of Manufacture: UAE
Top notes: red apples, dark chocolate, patchouli, white musk, vanilla
Middle notes: red apples, dark chocolate, patchouli, white musk, vanilla
Base notes: flowers, bergamot
Size: 100ml

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