YEO'S Green Tea 250ml

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Brand: Yeo's

Last update: Aug 06, 2019

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The Yeo’s brand has been in Malaysia since 1942 and has grown a lot. It has a total sales of 45 million and has won numerous awards, even known as Malaysia’s number one Asian drink. With that being said, Yeo’s is a trusted brand and can be seen around convenience stores and restaurants everywhere. The Yeo’s Green Tea is one of the best sellers. It is refreshing and has an aromatic taste to it. Besides, green tea naturally contains antioxidants which helps in maintaining the body’s good health. This product is halal certified has no preservatives.

A household name in Singapore & Malaysia, YEO’S delightful assortment of refreshing Asian drinks are enjoyed in every occasion naturally. Inspired by traditional drinks brewed at home, YEO’S authentic taste is simply the thirst quenching delight of every generation. This popular Asian drink is lightly infused with the fragrant aroma of Jasmine and is mildly sweetened leaving a memorable note.

Drink YEO’S Green Tea to beat the tropical heat! Order your Yeo's Green Tea supply on Dropee!

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