YEO'S Chrysanthemum Tea [can] 300ml

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Brand: Yeo's

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Over the years, Yeo’s has flourished as a brand. It began in 1900 and expanded into the Malaysian market in 1942. The Yeo’s Chrysanthemum tea is the first few drinks to be introduced and manufactured by Yeo’s and is now a familiar drink with many. There are many benefits that come with drinking chrysanthemum tea such as reducing inflammation and keeping you feel refreshed. This particular product has less sugar compared to the other brands as well. With the can packaging, it is the perfect drink to have around during the festive season.

A household name in Singapore & Malaysia, YEO’S delightful assortment of refreshing Asian drinks are enjoyed in every occasion naturally. Inspired by traditional drinks brewed at home, YEO’S authentic taste is simply the thirst quenching delight of every generation. This popular Asian drink is lightly infused with the fragrant aroma of Chrysanthemum blossom and has a delicate floral sweetness that leaves a memorable note. Drink YEO’S Chrysanthemum Tea to beat the tropical heat!

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