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GFB Chocolate Mixed - Classic Milk Tea 1kg (1 Units Per Outer)

by HSF Resources SKU GFB9

Brand: GFB

Last update: Mar 25, 2020

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Our Classic Chocolate Powder satisfies your craving for chocolate, bringing back the nostalgic flavour of everyone’s childhood memories with but a little shake, at the same time giving you more energy to create those memories with your loved ones, making everyone feel good. It’s Chocolate Powder, just blend it into smoothies, shake it as iced chocolate or mix it in milk for the little ones. Or just blend a giant chocolate dinosaur topped with vanilla ice cream, nuts and chocolate shavings. No one’s stopping you from making the drink from your childhood. Try With Confidence: Try out a new flavour for any special occasions and our food consultants at GFB will be happy to on-board you so that you can be fully confident about our products.

alkalised cocoa powder, chocolate powder, non dairy creamer, milk solid powder, sugar, maltodextrin, food stabilizer and chocolate flavour.

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