Wooden Crate[De Wood Panel][H150mm*L420mm*W245mm] (300g Per Unit) (192 Units Per Carton)

Wooden Crate Made With Pine Wood

by De Wood Panel Resources SKU CRATE001

Brand: De Wood Panel

Last update: Oct 11, 2019

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A wooden crate has a shelf-supporting structure, with or without sheathing. Crates are distinct from wooden boxes. The strength of a wooden box is rated based on the weight it can carry before the top(top,ends and sides) is installed, whereas the strength of a crate is rated with the top in place. In general conversation, the term crate is sometimes used to denote a wooden box.

Material : Pine Wood, Material Thickness : 9mm, Weight : 1.2kg, Size at H150mm*L420mm*W245mm

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