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Malaysia’s fastest growing
B2B Marketplace

Dropee is the fastest growing online B2B marketplace in Malaysia that bulk Buyers from corporations and business owners are currently sourcing their products from

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Free Training &
Guide Program

Join Dropee’s free training programs hosted by experienced trainers and entrepreneurs to sell more efficiently and effectively of your products online

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Promote Your Product Online
and Get More Offline Reach

Dropee will provide promotional assistance to your online store through our online marketing campaigns and offline marketing activities

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Secure & Safe Transactions

All transactions on Dropee go through an escrow account to ensure that maximum trust is gained by your Buyers, payment collection is made easy, and to provide a reliable security of the funds

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Optimise Your Delivery

Dropee’s platform aggregates purchases of businesses in areas and provide information to Sellers to help them optimise their delivery routes (drop-offs)

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Sales Report

Track in real-time of your online store’s performance by utilising our comprehensive Seller dashboard

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Step 1 —
List your products

Upload your products online from your Seller dashboard or in a bulk upload sheet

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Step 2 —
Manage your orders

Receive and confirm customer bulk orders

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Step 3 —
Deliver Products

Deliver ordered products to the buyer. General lead time is between 3-5 working days

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Step 4 —
Buyer Confirmation

Upon delivery, the Buyer will confirm that they have received the goods

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Step 5 —
Receive Payment

Payment will be banked to Seller in 3 working days after buyer’s confirmation

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Step 6 —
Review Dashboard

Dropee Seller Dashboard allows you to monitor your store performance and transaction data thoroughly to make the best business decision

Firstly to register as a Supplier you must fill up this form: Supplier form. Once submitted, you will receive an email from us to submit the following documents: Form 9, Form 24, and Form 49.
The process typically takes between 2-5 working days. To speed up the process, please ensure that all information are complete and correct
Dropee’s mission is to provide affordable and quality products to SMEs. Ultimately, this will improve the quality of life of the community. Therefore, we carefully select our suppliers using the following criteria:
  1. Type of supplier- Manufacturer, Key Principles and Main Distributors
  2. Product Range- variation of brands and product type
  3. Price
  4. Quality of products
Our hundreds of businesses that have been sourcing on our platform varies from grocery shops, restaurant & cafe outlets, offices, event companies, e-commerce stores, and hotels and accommodation businesses.
Our team will send you an email update regarding your registration process. Please do check your email.
We currently specialise in a wide range of FMCG products suitable for convenience stores, restaurant & cafe outlets, offices, event companies, e-commerce stores, and hotels and accommodation businesses. If you happen to sell product(s) that do not fit into any categories on Dropee, reach out to our Sales team at contact@dropee.com
When an order is placed, you will receive a Purchase Order (PO) via email. The order is also reflected on your dashboard.
Definitely! And we encourage you to do so. On Dropee, you’re able to provide them a special price and specific credit terms to the Buyer of your choice. This special price and credit term can only be seen by the respective Buyer and yourself.