All-in-one platform to grow your wholesale business
One platform to transform your wholesale business into a powerful e-commerce platform. Sell online, track orders, and manage inventory - all in real-time.
Real-time processing
Track your sales and inventory movement as it happens.
Insightful data
Access actionable sales and customer analytics to make better informed decisions.
Easy integration
Streamline backend processes by integrating softwares you already use.
Smarter sales
Personalise, automate, and track all your campaigns and promotions.
Closer to your customers
Interact with your wholesale customers from announcements to feedback.
Engage customers with a personalised experience
With Dropee Direct, you can easily cater to various customer needs - down to the individual level. Better engagement, higher sales.
  • Create customer-specific product, pricing and promotions
  • Your high-volume orders, supported
  • Upsell the right customers with the right products
Less manual work, more time saved
Your sales reps no longer need to manually manage orders, saving your business valuable time and operational costs.
  • Review orders at the click of a button
  • Manage inventory in one place
  • Track delivery fulfillment in real-time
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