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At Dropee, we care about the needs of your business.

Dropee has been actively contributing to discussions surrounding supply chain management (SCM) within Malaysia and the ASEAN region. By sharing what we've learned from our engagements in the global markets, we aim to help retail and manufacturing businesses grow and transform via embracing digital technologies.

We held our first Retail Breakthrough Workshop in Malaysia on 18th September 2018; where we facilitated open discussions on the many problems that retail businesses in Malaysia face, whilst also providing practical and actionable ways to overcome them.

Since then, we have received overwhelming feedbacks to host more workshops and knowledge sharing sessions for the benefit of more businesses out there.

If you have missed the previous workshop and would like to attend future sessions, do fill up the interest form below, and we will notify you once a new session is available.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Dropee learning community.