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KLEENSO Leather Protectant 300g

by HomeDeal MY SKU 590163502

Brand: Kleenso

Last update: Dec 28, 2018 04:07 pm

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  • Kleenso Leather Protectant keeps leather looking good longer by making oil and water based spills bead up. Resist water spots.
  • Clean & origin
  • Long lasting protection
  • Prevent dry and crack

leenso Leather Protectant contains anti-static properties that reduce dust and dirt attraction while helping to maintain the natural beauty of all surface. Scented with floral fresh, it leaves your car smelling fresh and clean.


Direction to use
· Test on an inconspicuous area prior to first use
· Apply liberally to clean sponge and spread evenly
· Let penetrate and then wipe off excess
· Apply weekly to maintain surface appearance and protection

Not recommended for glass, mirror, steering wheel, pedal, grid and other surfaces where slipperiness may be hazardous.

· Keep out of reach children
· Avoid contact with eyes.



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