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Golden Boronia Almond Soft 250g

by FNA Group SKU GB1101

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Made with the natural goodness of honey, almonds,eggs, glucose syrup, edible wafer paper and is 100% cholestrol free! Our product is a delightfully crunchy nougat that explodes in the mouth with a tantalising nutty flavour that’s locked in until the very last minute. Far from brittle, yet definitely not soft, each bite sized piece is packed with energy and with over 50% nuts in every batch comes with a special crunch all of it’s own. Our nougat is delicious on it’s own, but it also goes especially well with a cup of coffee, or crumbled as a topping on your favourite ice cream. It also makes the perfect, nutritious, energy restoring snack. Golden Boronia Nougat – It’s the original golden taste of Australia!