A B2B eCommerce Solution to Digitise Your Wholesale Business

A flexible platform for B2B selling. Perfect for multi-channel B2B sales incorporating Dropee Direct and Dropee Marketplace.

Our B2B eCommerce Solutions

Dropee Direct
A closed-loop platform that automates procurement & trading processes customised to business internal workflow.
Dropee Marketplace
A platform for wholesale buyers and retail owners to source and purchase the right products from the right suppliers.
Dropee Services
An exclusive, non-exhaustive list of in-house services – from design to marketing – to fully support you, our suppliers, in bringing your businesses online!

Dropee Direct

  • Manage all wholesale orders on a single platform
    Centralise all order-receiving channels (eg Whatsapp, email, FB) all on one platform.
  • Enabling sales reps to sell more and maintain exceptional service
    Gain access to the self-order feature, providing detailed customer info so your sales reps can tailor individual services to more customers!
  • Track inventory movement and stock level in real-time
    Manufacturers and wholesalers can integrate their warehouse to the portal and get notified on stock levels in real-time. No more over- and under-stocking issues!

Dropee Marketplace

  • Buyers discover best wholesale products suitable for their business.
    Our customised digital catalog curates and recommends products based on your buyers' preferences, past purchases, and industry trends.
  • Source from new and existing suppliers on a single platform.
    Monitor all purchases, payments, and delivery on a single dashboard. Best part is , your buyers can place their orders anywhere, anytime!
  • Compare products and suppliers easily to select the best option.
    Our ever-growing database provides your buyers with consumer buying power by giving them the reliable info they need to make purchasing decisions.

Dropee Services

  • Product Uploading

    From photography, product descriptions, and SKU listing, we have got you covered!​

  • Store & Portal Setup

    Retain your own web store branding with a customised theme, banner designs, and tagline! Plus, your store comes with a 3PL logistics integration system! ​

  • Promotion & Marketing

    We help you set up campaigns to promote your business, including EDM, SMS, and Whatsapp announcement blasts.

  • Customer Service

    Your customers are in good hands! Our team will provide customer support services and customer on-boarding blasts via email, SMS, and Whatsapp!​
*This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to changes over time. Contact us to know more!

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