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Solutions for Both Your Customers and Sales Reps

Dropee Direct
A closed-loop platform that automates procurement & trading processes customised to business internal workflow.
Dropee Services

An exclusive, non-exhaustive list of in-house services – from design to marketing – to fully support you, our suppliers, in bringing your businesses online!

Dropee B2B ecommerce platform

Trusted by over 2,000 wholesale & retail businesses

Benefits of Using Dropee

Offline-to-Online Experience
Dropee provides a united B2B selling experience, powering both your online and in-person sales channels. Now you can manage your entire sales from a single dashboard.
Complete B2B Platform
Dropee was built with the B2B businesses in mind. Our platform can support high-volume ordering and customer-specific pricing and promotions.
Customer Focus
We understand that going digital can be tricky, especially without the right assistance. Dropee provide end-to-end guidance from initial implementation and training to ongoing support.
Mobile-First DNA
Dropee’s B2B eCommerce platform offers a superior mobile experience that makes it easy for your customers and sales reps to place orders on-the-go. 
Zero Maintenance and Upgrade Costs
Dropee provides continuous maintenance and upgrade to the platform, so you don’t have to. Best part, it’s at no cost to you!


ROI Impact

Larger Sales Orders

Dropee’s B2B eCommerce platform drives more frequent, larger orders with an intuitive, familiar user experience, and increased visibility to your entire product line.

Expand Revenue Potential

Expand your sales horizon by using Dropee to bring back customers that haven’t ordered from you in years or free up your staff’s time to focus on customer expansion.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce expenses (up to 75%) associated with data entry, catalog printing and distribution, and costs related to fixing order errors and managing backorders.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Looking to switch from your expensive custom-built or on-premise solution? Dropee’s B2B eCommerce platform is better value for an affordable price.

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