Every transaction requires companies to generate documents such as invoices, receipts, purchase orders, delivery order, etc. One of the perks to establish a B2B eCommerce portal is to have all those documentations digitalised and most importantly, automatically generate the necessary documents to streamline the operational workflow.

This means your team will spend less time creating documents and paperwork, and have more time to provide great service to your customers.


Nexhera handles all maintenance and upgrades, so you don’t have to.

The best part is that all your documentations are stored in the cloud - and you control the access to these documents from Nexhera Hub.


Nexhera Hub’s Advanced Pricing Feature allows you to customise and configure pricing for different customers, whether they receive wholesale price lists or list pricing.

You’ll be able to mirror your complex wholesale price lists in Nexhera, including these common scenarios:

  • Customer-specific price lists
  • Separate price levels for multiple order quantities
  • Discounting capabilities

Gone are the days where you will need to go through multiple pricing sheets or worse, remember all the complex pricing schemes. Now, all your product pricing info will remain current and accurate using Nexhera Hub.


This feature allows you to manage, track, and send reminders of due payments in a more streamlined manner. On a single dashboard, you are able to set auto-reminders to debtors - these reminders are sent via email and SMS. Your customers will only need to click a single link to make payments via online bank transfer or credit card.

You are also able to jot down additional notes of any specific debtors for reference purposes. These notes can be seen by relevant approved internal accounts so that monitoring and tracking can be done in a seamless way.


This modern digital catalog let you assign certain products to specific user groups, so you can control the brands that your customers can view on Nexhera Commerce.

Restricting the visibility of product ranges for your customer is critical if you have certain customers who are only eligible for certain brands within your portfolios. This ensures they submit orders exclusively for the brands they are authorized to purchase.

Using this modern catalog you can:

  • Eliminate confusion by tailoring the product catalog for each customer
  • Make it simple for sales managers to track and report each customer's purchasing history by brand
  • Modern digital catalogs are managed through your settings on Nexhera Hub where you can easily add or remove user (customer) group access

Upload and manage your inventory data so your customers can view accurate stock levels and restock dates for each of your products on Nexhera Commerce.

Access to accurate stock level and restock information helps to manage customer expectations - your customers will use Nexhera Commerce to make smart purchasing decisions and improve planning with the full knowledge of when to expect delivery of the products they need. This increases their willingness to purchase immediately.

You can upload and manage your inventory data in two ways.

One option is using our bulk import tool, which allows you to upload a CSV of inventory numbers and restock dates associated with each of your products. This upload will update all your stock levels for immediate sync to your sales team.

The other (and most precise) way to manage your inventory data is using the Nexhera API , providing a direct connection with your ERP software to give your customers real-time inventory and replenishment data.

Update your inventory levels and restock dates in real time to increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction by reducing the number of backorders and order cancellations.


Set and manage your delivery information using Nexhera Hub to showcase your fulfilment criterias to your customers on Nexhera Commerce. This includes lead time, area coverages, and many more.

In order for your products go live on Nexhera Commerce, it is compulsory for you to fill in these basic information regarding your company’s fulfilment activities:

  • Coverage Area (based on postcodes and states)
  • Minimum Order Quantity for Free Delivery (in RM value)
  • Delivery Charges (if customers do not hit minimum order quantities)

Ultimately, this function allows your customers to manage expectations when it comes to fulfilment activities such as lead time, minimum order for free deliveries, and so forth.


Retail customers are generally busy managing the day-to-day operations of their business. They don’t have time to wait on hold with customer service to reorder products, and have basic account questions answered.

Nexhera Commerce helps you stand out by providing retailers with 24x7 online service. On their own time, your retailers can make purchases, educate themselves about your products and brand, and check basic account details like order status just like they do as online consumers.

Personalise each of your customer’s experience via Nexhera Hub - a powerful backend tool that is built to customise and implement the complexities of B2B eCommerce. Nexhera Commerce simplifies and modernise the customer purchasing experience by delivering a digital catalog that includes retailer-specific pricing, HD images, and complete product information. On the B2B eCommerce portal, your customers can search easily for products, add and remove items from their shopping cart, and review them before checking out. You can set the payment options as well for your customers - online bank transfer and/or credit card.

Post order placement on the platform, retailers will immediately receive a confirmation email customized with your logos and information. The order also instantly appears on Nexhera Hub - allowing your back office staff to review, process, and ship the order within the lead time specified.

This familiar, straightforward, and simple user experience on your B2B eCommerce portal makes it easy to use for your retail customers. That means, your customers do not require any formal training to use the portal. Thus getting your user to start purchasing on your B2B eCommerce portal is as easy as 1-2-3! And even better, this improves your retail customers’ loyalty by making it even easier to do business with you.


Your B2B eCommerce portal lets you showcase your brand all year round to your retailers. With Nexhera Commerce’s custom branding options you can deliver a brand experience for retailers that is consistent with your other marketing channels.

Add your logos, colors, and imagery throughout the B2B eCommerce portal to create an experience that evokes the brand perceptions, highlighting your positioning.

Customising the look and feel of your B2B eCommerce homepage in accordance to your brand will deliver a strong brand imagery to your customers. Reinforce your online brand consistency by tailoring the order confirmation page, check out page, and all other eCommerce platform pages to mirror your brand’s look and feel.

Nexhera Commerce helps ensure that your retailers purchasing online continuously feel the impact of your brand.


With Nexhera business-to-business eCommerce platform, you can stop mailing or waiting for your sales reps to visit retailers to show off your product catalog. Gone are the days of paper catalogs (usually generic and often outdated) before it even goes to print.

Stay up-to-date and cutting edge with an online catalog of your products that is designed specifically for each of your retailers. Show your customers products that are relevant to them and with their respective specific pricing.And of course, your retailers can immediately add items to their checkout cart and continue browsing without leaving the catalog pages.

Easily keep your product catalog updated with your latest items that are beautifully displayed with high res images, multiple view options, and customizable product descriptions. You can provide retailers with inventory information for each of your items so they know what's in stock. Most importantly, they’ll always have the correct customer-specific pricing.

Group your items by the categories of your choice for a more efficient browsing experience. This way, you can keep your retailers focused on the merchandise that they are most interested in.

And with Nexhera Commerce’s search function, your retailers can simply type in the name or SKU of any product to quickly jump to exactly what they’re looking for. Move away from the old way of doing business and give your retailer’s the experience that more and more of them are coming to expect.


When a retail customer place an order to the supplier, they generally expect their shipments to arrive on time and in complete order. Now imagine your customers receiving a phone call or an email your team notifying them that certain products are out of stock, or worse, they receive an incomplete order - obviously, your customers would be frustrated.

Nexhera Commerce intend to solve this issue by providing inventory availability and restock date information on products to your retail customers. This way, it would help you manage your customers’ expectations and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.

Equipped with this information, retailers won’t get caught off-guard by partial shipments and customer service outreach. Instead, they are able to source for alternative products that are available immediately. Retailers can also confidently choose to order out of stock products and plan for their delivery when they are restocked. Thus, setting delivery expectations and product availabilities in advance.

After enabling your inventory settings through Nexhera Hub, you can choose to simply display whether a product is in or out of stock based on a warning level or, if possible, add restock dates for more information.

Do include inventory availabilities and restock dates as it helps to increase customer satisfaction via:

  • Delivering key information for retailer planning
  • Reducing backorders and cancelled orders
  • Improving fill rates, while decreasing fulfillment times

Reordering has never been easier. At Nexhera Commerce, your retail customers have complete access to their previous order histories and a list of frequently ordered items - thus, making decisions faster and drastically reduce the time taken to submit an order.

As all past orders information are stored online, your customers can just log into their accounts, view past orders, and submit an order without having to remember or look up product information. Best part, they can place an order at anytime, anywhere!

For one click reorders, the retail customer just need to label selected past orders under ‘Favourite Orders’ and click “Repeat Order”. The customers will be led to the checkout page where they can easily make any necessary changes, confirm the order, log out, and get back to the rest of their day.

Retailers can also mark and build a range of products that they know have performed well in the past by marking those items as their “Favourites”. This “Favourites” list allows them to browse and research easily for additional products within their category segments that they may want to introduce into their retail product range.

Order history and product favourites help streamline the purchasing process and experience - saving more time and empowering your retail customers to do more business with you.


We understand that it’s a challenge to retain your brand in the minds of your B2B customers after a sales meeting or once a trade show has ended. So why not showcase your brand all year round?

Nexhera Commerce provides the tool for your marketing team to re-engage with these potential B2B customers to visit your B2B eCommerce platform and even direct them to specific landing pages within the portal. Essentially, it has never been easier to promote your latest product line or even provide online-only offers to convert these retailers from potential to paying customers.

All announcements and messages on Nexhera Commerce are customisable, tailored to get immediate conversion online. Now your team has the opportunity to target relevant content to your retailers and enhancing your customers’ user experience on your portal.

For instance, at the homepage you may want to highlight mid-year sale on last season’s items or craft a personalised reminder to retailers to check out their past order history and see if they have missed anything that they may want to purchase. With Nexhera Commerce, it prioritise easy communication between you and your retail customers.

Retailers can even download a PDF version of your latest catalog, promotional content, and other highlights on your company’s brand attributes that are particularly important to your customers. Plus, extended content materials such as merchandising guidelines, training videos, and other educational materials are all accessible in just a few clicks of a button. Retailers now can further engage and learn about your brand without even leaving the site!

The ultimate goal is to have your B2B eCommerce platform as your brand home for your retail customers. Our team is dedicated to help you build and design an online portal that generate you your greatest sales and boost your brand impact on every customer visit to your site.


Our team at Nexhera understands that importance of safeguarding the privacy of your retailer relationships and information on your B2B portal. That is why we have crafted out a controlled access environment that allows you to choose the retail customers that you want to invite into your B2B eCommerce portal.

On your site, you are able to provide your retailers with an extensive online purchasing experience, share the latest product and brand announcements, and even personalise the experience for your customers with updated account information, negotiated pricing, order history, and a tailored product catalog.

To kickstart it off, you invite your retail customers onto Nexhera Commerce via a customised email invitation. Your customers are able to create their own account that lets them access their account information, order history, and catalog. To top it off, new retail customers are able to request access to your B2B eCommerce site by quickly filling and submitting an online form. Your team will be immediately notified of the request and make the decision to approve the new retailer.

With maximum control of retail access to your site, you can retain exclusive information to invited retailers only, and at the same time provide these retail customers the unique online purchasing experience they want.


Provide easy access, product navigation, and purchase experience to your customers on-the-go. We have crafted and designed your B2B eCommerce portal to be mobile friendly and ensure maximised user experience for your customers as they browse through your website on their mobile phones.

From product searching to purchasing, your customers are able to exercise all activities and features of your B2B eCommerce store via their phones. This allows these retailers to make decisions without having to sit in front of their computers.


The primary payment method, and also the most preferred one for B2B transactions, on Nexhera Commerce is bank transfer. However, due to multiple requests, we have finally extended your B2B eCommerce payment options to credit cards as well! Now your retail customers have the flexibility to make payments via bank transfer or credit card.


Automated data imports is a process that keeps your data synchronized between your back-office systems and Nexhera in a CSV or Excel format. This is a less technically involved alternative to an API-based integration.

Nexhera customizable CSV and mapping mechanism is flexible enough to accommodate whatever CSV format you need to move data from your back office system out into the field.

You can set up some or all of your data to be imported automatically from a shared location on Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or FTP.


Automated inventory tracking is a way to track all your inventory movements across the supply chain. We are able to do so by integrating with your other existing business systems in place such as warehouse management solution, fleet management solution, and others.

Should you not have these other business systems implemented, do check out our Solution Partners. Nexhera already have direct integrations with these solution offerings so all you need to do is install our Solution Partners’ tech into your company, and Nexhera will do the rest.

The end goal is to provide a one-stop beautifully-designed and informative dashboard for you to track, manage, and retrieve information on your inventory movements across the supply chain.


With Nexhera Commerce and a B2B eCommerce portal established, your retail customers are not restricted to a certain geographical location. In fact, you are able to cover more grounds and get more outreach to B2B customers digitally. With that said, this potentially leads to fulfilment issues - particularly if these retailers falls outside of your existing delivery routes.

With the integration to 3rd party logistics providers, it allows you to choose from a wide range of 3PL companies to get the job done. We currently have integrated to 3PL networks like CJ Century Logistics, GoGet, The Lorry, and many others. Check out our full list here.


“Out of Stock” issue has been one of the biggest problem for retailers for a long time. Retail outlets, particularly the ones carrying many brands and SKUs, often face this issue such as:

  • Human errors: under-order goods from suppliers
  • Supplier ran out of stock and failed to inform retailer in real-time
  • Difficulty in tracking the inventory level of all products in retail store on a daily basis

We at Nexhera propose a solution that streamlines and automate the ordering process of your retail customers. Through POS integration, you are able to view and track your product stock levels at your retail customers’ stores.

We automate the ordering process as when the stock level falls below a certain threshold (this is set by your retail customers), Nexhera Hub will trigger a user reminder to the retailer to replenish their goods. All the retailer has to do is click “Place Order”, edit the number of goods to be replenished (if necessary), and log out.

Our system is also smart enough to detect and recommend the number of goods to be replenished by the retail customer. That means, your customers need not to conduct manual stocktake and reduce the chances of over-order and under-order goods.