NexHera will help you to:

  • Overcome the hassle of time-consuming paperwork
  • Consolidate multi-channel (offline-to-online) orders on a single platform
  • Gain critical insight into your supply chain
  • Build transparent and trustworthy relationships with business partners
  • Operate efficiently & scale-up intelligently

Trusted by companies reporting on over US$670 million in annual B2B transactions

How NexHera can help your business

You’ll enjoy a streamlined procurement & fulfillment process with NexHera’s 3 core functions:


A user-friendly dashboard for end-to-end supply chain management. Automate, document, and store data from business activities - all on a centralised platform.


A personalised B2B eCommerce platform for customers and sales representatives to place orders anytime, anywhere.


Streamline processes by integrating to other core business functions. Choose the right tools for your business from our list of trusted solution partners, ranging from payments to warehouse management systems.

NexHera Success Story

Abdul Rahim

"Our mission is always to
serve our customers better."

"With NexHera, we are able to provide our customers with faster order processing, and more convenient accessibility to all our product informations online. As a result, our customers have expressed increased satisfaction and we have more recurring purchases since having used NexHera"

Abdul Rahim - Managing Director of Worldline Group

Wayne Low

"Worldline Group came to us because we are able to support their complex promotional pricing rules."

"In response to that, our team's responsibility is to ensure that whenever Worldline Group has new product lines or upcoming promotional campaigns - they are ready to be rolled out in a timely manner on NexHera"

Wayne Low - NexHera Specialist Consultant

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