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For Buyers

Dropee is a B2B e-commerce platform that tailors your online wholesale experience to easily find the right products and suppliers. The more you shop, the better recommendations you get.

Once you sign up as a buyer, you have immediate access to thousands of wholesale products - all fulfilled by sellers that our team has personally vetted through and verified. You'll also be the first to know about the latest campaigns and promotions of your favourite brands.

Today, we have over 10,000+ sellers on Dropee, ranging from Food & Beverages to Baby & Toy supplies. For the full list of categories, go here.

To start purchasing on Dropee, click on 'Sign Up to Buy' on the homepage screen.

Alternatively, you can also click on “Sign Up As Buyer” at the top right of your screen.

It’ll bring you to the account creation page where you are required to fill in the necessary information. There are three pathways to choose from when creating an account - check out the tutorial videos below to learn more:

  1. How to Register for a Buyer's Account if You're Running a Business
  2. How to Register for a Buyer's Account if You're Planning to Launch a Business Soon
  3. How to Register for a Buyer's Account if You Don't Have a Business

After the form is filled, do verify your account via an email link sent to your registered email address, and TAC code sent to your registered phone number. Here's a tutorial video on how to do so:

Now, you can start browsing and purchasing on our platform!

We carry thousands of branded products across the following categories - Restaurants & Cafes, Office Products & Stationery, Cleaning & Housekeeping Supplies, Bed & Bath, Kitchen & Dining, and Health & Personal Care. We are continuously adding more products to our platform to ensure you can find everything you're looking for.

For the full list of categories, go here.

This widely differs according to each product. Some products, like spreads, come in cartons, while tea is listed as outer. In every product page, there is a 'Guide' section under 'Wholesale price'.

The quantity also varies for each product listed. The number of units per carton of a product is stated on each supplier’s product page.

We ensure sellers provide accurate visual representations of their listed products offered.

However, if the item you receive upon delivery is not the same as the image(s) displayed on the Dropee platform, do reach out to our customer experience team and provide us with the following information:

  • Invoice and receipt
  • Photos/videos of the received goods

You can place an order on Dropee in just a few steps!

  1. Create a buyer account

    Head to this link to create an account.

  2. Source from thousands of brands!

    After creating an account, you can start sourcing from our wide selection of brands! You can shop by categories, businesses, or type in the product name or brand in the search bar located on top of the homepage. For more details, watch the tutorial video below on how to search on Dropee:

    Dropee is tailored to your wholesale preference - designed for you to shop the right wholesale products at the quickest way possible.

  3. Add items to cart

    Once you have determined the right items to purchase, click 'Add to Cart'.

  4. Finalise your order (check cart items/quantity/shipping address)

    After adding all desired items to cart, you can finalise your shopping cart by clicking the cart icon on the top right side of the page.

    You will be brought to the checkout page. Here, you are required to add your shipping address for your items.

  5. Making payment

    To pay for your order, click the “Checkout” button on the right side of the page. You will then be prompted to this page:

    If you have a promo code, input it at the box under Apply Discount Code. If not, click Pay. You will then see the FPX page to proceed with your choice of online payment.

    All payments made are automated on our system and contain strict guidelines. Please double check and triple check before making an order!

    If you do not have online banking, you can reach out to us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel.

An 'Apply Discount Code' box will appear after you click 'Checkout'.

Pre-order works the same way as placing an order, however, after you click 'Add to Cart', a pop-up box will appear. Just fill in the quantity you are looking for, and then Submit!

Oh no, we're sorry about this. In the rare event you cannot checkout, please refresh the page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel immediately. Our team is on standby to assist you during our operational hours 9:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m, from Monday - Friday.

To speed up the process, it would be helpful if you could provide screenshots of the issue, along with other relevant information, such as: browser version, device type (phone, tablet or computer), device model (e.g. Iphone X) and operating system (e.g. Android 4.0, Windows 10).

Unfortunately, Dropee cannot make changes to orders/invoices post-purchase as it is automated via our system. A new order has to be submitted for the additional quantities required and prices will follow what has been stated on Dropee at that point in time.

If you'd like to process any types of refunds or returns, please head to our Return & Refund Policy Page to learn next steps. Alternatively, you can contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel.

If you have used the wrong address after placing your order, our team at Dropee will try our best to help rectify it on your behalf. However, if the supplier has already handed the items to the logistics company, you will need to contact the logistics company directly to rearrange delivery based on the tracking number prior to delivery completion.

By default, the last used shipping address will be saved into your account. When you are at the checkout page, the default shipping address will be displayed and you have the option to amend it should you need to.

We understand that sometimes you may have purchased incorrect products, order too much (or little!), or simply change your mind about a purchase. However, out of respect for our sellers, we do not allow order cancellations unless the seller did not fulfil your order within the specified time. (In this specific case, you can contact us immediately and we will help to resolve the issue.)

With that said, you can still reach out to us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel - we're more than happy to review your request.

An order minimum specifies the minimum unit amount a buyer has to meet. If you do not meet the minimum requirement, you are not allowed to purchase. Order minimums are set by sellers themselves - and will vary across different sellers.

Please note that minimum orders are not the same as minimum orders for wholesale price! Minimum orders are the minimum requirement you have to meet in order to purchase, while minimum orders for wholesale prices are the minimum requirement you have to meet in order to get wholesale pricing.

Some sellers offer wholesale prices if you meet the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), listed under Wholesale Price.

Please note that the MOQ is different between suppliers but rest assured, upon meeting the MOQs, you will be eligible for these best prices!

Yes! When you order inventory with Dropee Credits, you won't be charged until 60 days later. This means you buy products before having to pay a single cent. As long as you pay on time, there will be no hidden fees or extra interests!

Alternatively, Dropee sellers are also able to give out credit terms to loyal customers who have been purchasing from our platform regularly.

However, credit terms will differ among customers, and sellers possess full authority to accept or decline the request. Reach out to us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel to find out more.

Prices are as per displayed on the website, however, buyers are able to request a quotation for purchases of more than 100 cartons of the same item via email at [email protected].

To check your order status, you can log in to your buyer dashboard and go to the Order tab, as suppliers will update the status accordingly. If you see that it has not been updated after the expected date has passed, please check with our customer experience team and we will follow up with the seller regarding your order status and update you accordingly. Please provide your Retailer Order ID upon enquiry.

Reach out to us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel.

Buyers should expect to receive their orders within 5 to 7 working days upon payment verification, depending on the volume of orders received. You can review the Delivery Information at the right hand corner of every product page.

However, some sellers may require a longer lead time in order to fulfil their requested orders. If you experience unusual delays in receiving your order, contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel, and we will help to confirm the status of your order.

With that said, some suppliers can adhere to urgent deliveries with extra delivery charges. Please reach out to us prior to the placement of any urgent orders and our team will check with the seller for you. Alternatively, you can opt for a self-pickup option.

Some of our suppliers have existing logistics partners that are able to provide delivery services for your items.

If the supplier does not have delivery services provided, Dropee has our own Third-Party Logistics (3PL) partners who can deliver to different parts of the country. Please contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel for more information.

Alternatively, you may be able to pick up the items yourself from the suppliers’ warehouse if you choose to forego delivery charges.

Dropee is able to fulfil orders to all parts of Malaysia, as we are partnering with multiple Third-Party Logistics (3PL) partners. Do note that the delivery lead time from one state to another will vary.

Here's a tutorial video on how to check for delivery fees:

The free delivery minimum order amount for each supplier is stated on the right side of the seller's product page.

Do note that every seller will have their own minimum purchase order to qualify for free delivery. You will be eligible for free delivery as long as you fulfil the minimum order requirement.

Yes, there is an option for you to self-pickup from sellers. Please review the self-pickup option at the Delivery Information at the right hand corner of every product page.

To apply for self-pickup, head to 'Change shipping method/address' at the checkout page.

After, there will be a self-pickup option at the top. Select that option and you're good to go!

In this case, there will be no delivery cost to you!

Currently, we do not ship internationally.

You may request for a return and refund due to any of the following reasons:

  • Damaged Items - The product SKU arrived with damaged exterior packaging. The item should remain unopened, and 3 clear photographs should be taken of the product.
  • Defective Items - The product SKU arrived with damaged interiors, only noticeable after packaging has been opened.
  • Wrong Products - The product SKU does not match the quotation / invoice / receipt. Product should remain unopened and unused.
  • Late Delivery - The products were sent late after 5 working days (upon order placement) without any confirmation and communication from the Seller or Dropee.
  • Expired or Nearly-expired Products - The products delivered by the suppliers are near the expiry date [less than three (3) months] without informing the buyers (or on product description) beforehand.

For steps on how to submit return & refunds, click here.

In order to submit your request, you can reach out to our customer experience team via email at [email protected], and provide us with the following:

  • Proof of payment (Receipt and Invoice) with Order ID
  • 3 clear photographs of the items
  • Reason for Return/Refund
  • Bank details (For refunds)

Dropee and/or sellers will take action within 3 to 5 working days, depending on the requested refund or replacement.

We're so sorry about this! You may request to return the products and receive a refund, or request to have the inaccurately sent items swapped with the correctly ordered items.

To request a refund/return, please head to our Return & Refund Policy page, or contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel.

In this case, the supplier that is responsible to fulfil the order will be held accountable. You may choose to:

  • Allow the supplier to deliver the rest of the products you ordered, or
  • Request a full refund for the order and return the received items back to the supplier, or
  • Request a partial refund for only the items that are not received.

To request a refund/return, please head to our Return & Refund Policy page, or contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel.

For Sellers

Are you already a seller on Dropee? If yes, head on over to our Sellers' Guide on your dashboard for more in-depth information on how to optimise your store, manage orders, and more!

Dropee is a B2B online wholesale marketplace that offers buyers easy discovery to the right products and wholesale suppliers. Currently, there are over 100,000 wholesale products listed across multiple categories, with over 50,000 buyers stocking up goods for their businesses nationwide.

Our straight-forward financial terms and logistics help sellers to provide more value to service more buyers across Malaysia.

For sellers that want to provide a more personalised experience for their customers, we also offer Dropee Direct, a customised e-commerce platform to help businesses of all sizes supercharge their business growth. Our software tools help businesses directly address the many pain points of a growing customer/supplier base, from managing sales orders to payment collection.

By subscribing to Dropee Direct, businesses gain access to valuable supply chain management features such as:

  • Centralised paperless order management
  • Make real-time changes to sales catalogues & set custom product pricing per customer
  • Visibility of one’s entire supply chain, including real-time stock alerts
  • A business performance dashboard, including meaningful data and analytics

Additionally, Dropee also offers Dropee Services, an exclusive, non-exhaustive list of in-house services to bring your business online. Some services include:

  • Uploading products
  • Setting up promotional campaigns
  • Providing customer support services
  • Store customisation

Yes, Dropee charges sales commission on orders. The sales commission on orders covers our costs that go into securing new buyers for your brand, offering great customer service and support to drive more wholesale orders, as well as developing new platform features that help you service your existing buyers better.

Our commission structure is a little different than other e-commerce platforms because the bulk of our costs go into driving new accounts. We offer our buyers great terms on your behalf, including credit terms and world-class customer support. With Dropee, you also get access to our wider network of third-party logistics partners that help you distribute your products nationwide within Malaysia, at no cost to you!

Unlike traditional sales reps, Dropee does not require exclusivity and there’s no fee to join. We only make money when you do.

When you sign on to Dropee Direct, you also benefit from 0% sales commission on orders from all your existing stockists and self-sourced customers! With Dropee Direct, you can take all of your e-commerce orders online with your own custom-branded website. You’ll lock in 0% commission with all buyers who order through your Dropee Direct website and also gain access to all of Dropee’s powerful tools to help you manage your supply chain efficiently. For more information on Dropee Direct, check out this page.

We’d love to hear from you and understand the kind of business challenges that you are facing. We’re confident Dropee Direct can help you solve the majority of these issues and can’t wait to show you what our solution can do for your business.

Register your interest in the link here, and our team will schedule a platform demo session with you.

Awesome! We're excited for you to be a part of Dropee's growing seller community.

The first step is to apply here: Be A Seller.*

*Note: If you're an existing Dropee buyer and are interested in applying to become a seller on Dropee, kindly register as a seller by using a different email than the one used for your buyer account.

Upon receiving your application, our support team will reach out to you within three (3) business days to assist you through our seller approval process.

Once your application has been approved, you will need to provide…

  • Store banners (Desktop: 1400px x 400px) and (Mobile/Tablet: 800px x 533px)
  • Product catalog
  • Photos
  • Wholesale details and fulfilment details

Desktop Banner will appear as such:

Should you require any additional support to provide the above mentioned details, charges for additional services may incur. Head on over to Dropee Services to find out more!

As soon as your store is created, you will receive an auto-generated email notification from our system. You'll then be able to add and edit products through your Supplier Dashboard.

Not a problem! We do not require exclusivity. We can also restrict your Seller page in any states or zip codes where you have representation. Reach out to us to find out more about this feature at [email protected]

We are sad to see you go! Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to support you before proceeding with deactivating your Dropee seller storefront.

In the case that you are no longer able to sell on Dropee, there will not be any charges or penalties to cancel/deactivate your store.

Dropee is both a Malaysian and United States-registered company. Our day-to-day operations are based in Selangor, Malaysia, however, we are continuously working towards widening our reach regionally.

We strive to accommodate local suppliers no matter their industries or organisational size. If you are an overseas supplier with your own network of distributors and warehouses within Malaysia who are able to handle order fulfilment and post-sales support (where necessary), we would like to work with you!

On that note, we are also able to support order fulfilments for retailers based outside of Malaysia who are looking to purchase goods from our Malaysian suppliers. Do send us an email at [email protected] if you require our services.

Dropee’s Seller Support Team is there to support your needs on Dropee.com through our Seller WhatsApp support channel. Our team will be there to answer any questions you may have and support you in setting up your account, getting your products up, responding to customer enquiries, running campaigns and promotions, all the way through to order fulfilment and payment disbursement.

You may list as many products as you wish through your Supplier Dashboard. To ensure that your sales catalogue is interesting to retailers, we recommend to list at least 10 products on your Dropee storefront.

If you have more than 100 products, you can request for Dropee’s bulk product upload sheet through our Seller WhatsApp support channel. Filling up this bulk product upload sheet will allow you to list all your products on your Dropee storefront at one go.

Do take note that Dropee will not allow any listings of the following items below:

  • Firearms
  • Perishable items with a shelf life of under six (6) months
  • Products containing alcohol and/or drugs
  • Products containing Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Products containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Product containing any amount of drugs, including prescription, legal or illegal drugs, or related to paraphernalia
  • Pornography

Do check back from time-to-time for an updated list of banned items on Dropee.

If you are listing your products on Dropee, your sales catalogue (inclusive of all product information and prices) will be publicly accessible for any and all retailers to view and purchase from.

With Dropee Direct, however, you will have the freedom to restrict/showcase whichever product that you carry, and also have the ability to activate different product pricing tiers for your various retailers. This is because Dropee Direct is a customisable platform that is built to suit your business needs.

Sellers are able to offer a free gift / sample / tester product when running a promotional campaign on Dropee. Let us know via our Seller WhatsApp support channel if you would like to run promotional campaigns for your existing and new customers with Dropee.

Buyers are able to claim for refunds and returns when they receive goods that are damaged, expired or incorrect. In order to do so, buyers would raise a case to a Dropee representative and provide proof of receipt as well as photographs/videos of the goods.

Dropee will investigate the case and act fairly in the interest of both the buyers and sellers.

Buyers will need to provide the following information:

  • Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, receipt)
  • Reason for refund/replacement has to be valid and return acceptance conditions met
  • Photos/videos of the received goods

Dropee and/or sellers will take action within 3-5 working days, depending on the nature of the refund or replacement case.

Yes, you can. Ultimately, it is your choice to decide which orders to accept or reject.

In your Supplier Dashboard, under the relevant ‘Order ID’, you can select the ‘Reject Order’ button. If you do so, you must provide the rejection reason in the text box. The rejected order status and reason will automatically be shared to the respective buyer who placed the order, to reduce the time taken for manual explanation and communication with customers.

Payment disbursements by Dropee will be done to your registered banking account as provided in the Supplier Agreement Contract and during your seller account registration process in our system’s Setup Wizard.

All payment transactions for orders placed on Dropee.com will be processed by Dropee on behalf of our suppliers. Payment disbursements to suppliers for each sale on Dropee.com, minus commissions to Dropee; shall be performed each Friday, following successful order fulfilment in the previous week.

For example, if an order is placed on 15th June 2020 (Monday), order fulfilment by 18th June 2020 (Thursday), payment disbursement will then take place on 26th June 2020 (Friday).


Click on the 'Forgot my Password' button at the Login page, then enter your email address.

A password reset link will be sent to your email.

Dropee is extensively hiring. For any career opportunity please visit: https://www.dropee.com/career.

For questions regarding our platform, customer service, general inquiries, and selling on Dropee, you may contact the customer experience team via our Live Chat service, email us at [email protected], or WhatsApp us at our Buyer WhatsApp support channel.