Buy today, pay later

Order inventory before you pay upfront. Access credit terms at 0% interest fees for any product on our marketplace.

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When you order inventory with Dropee Credits, you won't be charged until 60 days later. This means you buy products before having to pay a single cent.

Your credits,
sorted for you

We've got you covered! Dropee approves a credit term amount based on your business type and financial information.

Thousands of suppliers, one single platform

You can purchase any product, as many times as you like, on our marketplace with Dropee Credits - no limitations.

0% interest

Within 60 days of purchase, there are no hidden charges or interest fees*.

Apply in 6 easy steps!

All done online at your fingertips.


Sign up as a
Dropee Retailer

Provide your business name and SSM registration number.


Complete your financial

Include your billing information, and how to get in touch with your finance department.


Provide your bank

We'll need your bank details to process any necessary transactions.


Upload relevant

Upload your company registration document and if applicable, the latest audited accounts.


Indicate your monthly
purchase volume

This helps us better gauge the right Dropee credit amount for your business needs.



Review your Dropee Credits application, sign, and provide your company stamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any buyer with an account on Dropee Marketplace is eligible to apply for Dropee Credits. Just log in, complete our six step application process, and we'll get back to you on your approval status!

Your credits will be available for use again as soon as you fulfill pending payments. With that said, you can still place orders and pay through regular payment methods. Alternatively, you also have the option to request for more credits.

Of course! Doing so will free up your credit limit, giving you more access to purchase more with Dropee Credits. View outstanding payments on your dashboard and you can pay off your invoices there.