Senior Credit Executive
Bandar Sunway


We are looking to hire an experienced Credit Senior Executive to oversee our company’s lending process.

As a Credit Senior Executive, you will be responsible for evaluating the creditworthiness of potential customers, creating credit scoring models, approving and rejecting loans, negotiating payment terms, and updating the company’s credit policy.



  • Monitor all financial performance across the Dropee supply chain, this includes conducting supply chain analysis for financial reporting, financial budgeting, and stakeholder management activities

  • Review contracts for commitment and contingency disclosure purposes

  • Responsible for managing all underwriting supply chain finance business - from assessment to disbursement and payment collection.

  • Achieve consensus for digital lending proposals among key stakeholders

  • Designing and formulating credit risk and underwriting Programs for Supply chain finance

  • Building scorecard based credit risk decision strategies

  • Managing the entire portfolio for Dropee’s supply chain financing

  • Assess & mitigate risk of the businesses by thoroughly analysing their profiles, financials, dealer and vendors penetration etc.

  • Develop assessment scorecards, portfolio triggers, and system based programs for digitally onboarding the borrowers

  • Calculating and setting loan interest rates, and negotiating loan terms with new borrowers 

  • Ensuring all loans and lending procedures comply with regulations

  • Reviewing and updating the company’s credit policy


  • Extensive experience with credit analysis
  • Proficiency with accounting software
  • High-level analytical skills
  • A top-class Credit Manager adds value to a company by optimizing the mix of sales to bad debt losses.