Front end Developer (Mid-Level)
Bandar Sunway, Malaysia


We welcome talents who have had experience in these industries below:

  • Cross-border e-commerce

  • Cloud-based / tech business solutions

  • Fintech and online payments

  • Logistics


We believe that every business should have the right tools to adapt towards the digital revolution. Today's supply chain technology is the most powerful equalizer, providing access to access to data, knowledge, and-above all- connections. At Dropee, our vision is to empower businesses to grow by building meaningful business relationships across the supply chain using our technology. We create solutions to drive complete integration of the supply chain ecosystem - making it more connected, smart, and highly efficient for all businesses across the chain.

As a mid level front-end developer, you will have to create user information solutions by developing, implementing, and maintaining Internet/intranet applications. Requirements include support and development by providing advice, coaching and educational opportunities to other co-workers and junior developers.


Brief Introduction of


Dropee is founded with the aim to revolutionise the way businesses trade and transform the supply chain industry via digitalisation. This results in unlocking the maximum value of the retail & supply chain ecosystem with new frontiers created. Dropee is a B2B eCommerce marketplace solution that enables businesses to digitally monitor their orders, products, customers, and insights. Our mission is to increase product accessibility, transparency, and convenience via digitalising B2B trading. We create technology solutions that aims to help businesses to be more efficient, agile, and customer-focused. 


To be successful in Dropee, we expect candidates to be:


  • Resilient and strong enough to overcome any type of difficulty; whilst staying positive on all company matters

  • Adaptive to change, comfortable with uncertainty, and incredibly self-motivated to problem-solve efficiently 

  • Collaborative & open-minded towards differences in culture, perspectives, and ways of doing things. 




  • Design and develop visual and information solutions based on user centric approach.

  • Measure and optimize user experience to increase conversion

  • Tailoring user experience across variations of user environment and device

  • Bringing a designer’s concept to live

  • Production, modification, and maintenance of websites and web application user interfaces

  • Maintaining software workflow management with a project management tool like GitHub and task runners like Grunt and Gulp

  • Consulting on SEO best practices

Dropee’s our Tech stack:

  • Laravel
  • Ubuntu
  • Nginx
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • SaSS
  • Gulp
  • Grunt
  • Bootstrap


  • 3-8 years experience  in front-end development

  • Understands Javascript

  • Able to work with CSS & Javascript Frameworks

  • Familiar with CSS Preprocessing

  • Know how to do responsive design

  • Familiar with Sass, Grunt and Gulp software

  • Mobile app development in a plus

  • Basic knowledge of system performance tracking and analytics

  • Have experience with Git

  • Familiar with Agile/Scrum approach


Confidence can sometimes hold us back from applying for a job. But here's a secret: there's no such thing as a 'perfect' candidate! Dropee is a place where everyone can grow. So however you identify and whatever background you are from, please apply if this is a role that would make you excited to come into work every day.